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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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looking for a gunman that shot two women killing one of them. >> shannon sohn is over the scene. >> reporter: police responded to a 911 call of shots fired inside the 20 story apartment building at 333 beach 32nd street about 10:59 this morning. when they got there, they found two victims, a 51-year-old woman found in the lobby. she had a gunshot wound to her pinky. she was taken to st. johns hospital. the second victim, a 36-year- old victim was found inside her apartment building with a gunshot wound to the tore. so she was pronounced at the scene. you can see police are still here in front of the lobby at 333 beach 32nd street combing the area for clues because the gunman escaped. police have reason to believe that he did, in fact, know both suspects -- both victims, rather. reporting live, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a disturb ting and violent rob -- disturbing and violent robbery spree.
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knife. in some cases he stabs them, even if they comply with his demands. >> police say the suspect has attacked five different times. late this afternoon we obtained exclusive video of one of the attacks. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is in in williamsburg section with the details. >> reporter: dave and liz, police are asking for the public's help as they try to identify the suspect. these incidents happening in the 47th precinct in northeast bronx. the suspect struck five times and in two cases the victim was hurt. one was stabbed seven times in the back. the other slashed in the face. >> like that. >> reporter: the lightning fast robbery occurred as henry fernandez was coming home from work last week. nypd released video of this man who is responsible for five similar incidents in the bronx. fernandez handed over the $90
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phone while the knife was against his throat. the robberies have taken place in the lobby of buildings as the victims enter or leave. fernandez is victim number 4. the distinctive knife he describes can be seen in this video. this is from the first incident january 10th with a different out come. the victim was stabbed seven times in the back during a fierce struggle. the suspect plunging it into the victim before he had a chance to hand over money. as for fernandez who recognizes the suspect in the image, there is unease he struck again. >> not much you can do unless they catch him. >> reporter: police ask anyone with information to contact them. we mentioned the victim stabbed seven times in the back. you will hear from him in another live report later on. live in williams bridge, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a 21-year-old man is under
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on the subway. 21-year-old damon knowles was turned in by his girlfriend's grandmother. she recognized the distinctive red sweat pants in this surveillance video and called police. knowles is accused of attacking a 71-year-old grandmother on the d train as she headed to work. a neighbor who has known knowles for years says he is stumped. >> he is a good guy. i know him to be -- completed school, working. i don't know -- i would never expect it. >> well, knowles is charged with two counts of assault. the victim needed 20 stitches. around the same time police arrested knowles there was another random subway slashing in east harlem. a 32-year-old was slashed in the face at the 116th station. the victim needed stitches. a description has not been released. we are learning more about what went wrong when a helicopter made an emergency
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despite the damage, the two people inside the helicopter walked away without injuries. long island reporter kristin thorne in lindenhurst with the details. >> reporter: i want to show you what is going on at the scene. they have put the -- what is left of this helicopter on this flatbed to get it out of the residential street. they took it apart by hand. what is so amazing, this pilot was able to land the helicopter missing all the houses, cars, wires, everything. the pilot and passenger were happy to be alive that they were taking pictures in front of the helicopter giving the thumb's up sign. eyewitness news has obtained video from a resident who was one of the first people to arrive at the scene. you can see neighbors just milling around the wreckage in disbelief. >> amazing. >> reporter: according to investigators, the pilot and a student were just on their way
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they lost power around 700 feet. >> standard training flight. coming from the south practice area off the south shore of long island back to republic airport. >> reporter: the pilot was able to miss every wire, every car and every house landing in this residential intersection in lindenhurst. the only thing taken out was the top of a street sign. >> if that is a student, he has to stick with this instructor because this guy did a great job, never touched one wire. cars do more damage when they crash around here. >> reporter: really amazing. it is believed there was mechanical problem with the helicopter that caused it to lose power. the academy and aviation where the pilot works is not releasing his name. at 6:00 you will hear from the man that took the video that you saw at the beginning of the piece. he was one of the first people to arrive on scene. live in lindenhurst, kristin news. >> thank you.
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is recovering after he was attacked by a raccoon walking to school i. happened in the bergen county community of elmwood park. >> screaming, what is going on. raccoon. >> all baby -- >> hold on. we will get an ambulance. >> the raccoon ran across the street and jumped on the 6-year- old boy's back. it bit and scratched his face. the boy's mother screamed out for help and that's when danny walls drove by. >> i put the car in park in the middle of the street. i jumped out, i grabbed my pole, my work pole, which is a painter pole and i came out and i kind of shoved the raccoon. once i shoved him, i seen there was space between him and the kid but the raccoon was still clawed on the kid's face and
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you know. instinctively it took over. i had to kill the raccoon. >> he struck it several times killed the animal. it is being tested for rabies. hackensack. we will hear more from mr. wall at 5:00. there are several cases of area. two are in new york city. we know at least one of those patients lives in queens. there is a case confirmed in nassau county and a patient in orange county caught it visiting south america. all of the cases in the united states involved people who returned from traveling to a country where the mosquito- borne virus is spreading. the cdc avoids pregnant women to avoid traveling to the 24 countries and territories dealing with the disease. the infection is linked to a dangerous birth defect. the white house is working to get the message out about the
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zika virus and ways to avoid it. a construction worker was hurt site. he fell down an elevator shaft inside a building under renovation on west 17th street in chelsea. he fell from the 5th floor. he was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. the building has been cited in the past. for the first time since saturday's blizzard, school is back open in newark. the city storm. hundreds of cars were abandoned and it took days to plow the streets. we brought you the reports. still, traffic was bumper to bumper this morning as the students went back to class. you could see still plenty of snow on the roads. most roads were passable, snow banks took up more of the streets than drivers liked. >> i am feeling very disappointed in the city. i am aggravated. i have been stuck in the traffic two hours trying to take my daughter to school.
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there is as many as 200 crews working to clear the snow in newark. to the race for president, five days away from the iowa caucuses and donald trump is stirring up a new controversy. the republican front-runner is not backing down from his threat to boycott tomorrow's debate with fox news. it is on fox news. trump has been enter -- in a feud with megyn kelly. ted cruz trailing trump in most polls challenged the front- runner to a debate. trump said can we debate in canada which references the birther debate surrounding cruz. on the democratic side, 9 race in iowa might be tightening but a new national poll shows hillary clinton holding a commanding lead over bernie sanders. sanders met with president obama at the white house. >> over the last seven years on major issue after major issue i have stood by his side where he
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republican obstructionism. i tried to do the right thing for the american people. >> he said he did not ask president obama to endorse him. hillary clinton, meanwhile, wants another debate before the new hampshire primary. stocks on wall street are taking another hit as the federal reserve sends mixed signals about key interest rates. six weeks ago the fed raised interest rates from record lows saying it felt the economy stabilized enough to handle it. now with more uncertain international picture the fed may change its plans to continue raising rates. here is a live look at the big board. in the end the dow fell 222 points closing at 15,944. as we continue on this wednesday, chained up in the snow. pit bulls taken away from their owner today. was it a case of animal abuse? we will have the details live. >> emotional plea from a sheriff in oregon talking about the stand off that has torn the community apart. >> imagine waking up with this
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the animal, unusual one at that, found in the united states that created a rude weakening for one elderly woman. >> okay with the eyes and ears then i saw the teeth. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. i was serenaded by a woman who said we are having a heat wave. not bad. we have gusty breezes. sunset about an hour away. we will drop through the mid- 30s, below freezing across the area. concerned about the icy look around and you'll see, 61,000 sets of eyes that look at health care differently.
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we saw a way to invent a new one that reduces infection. where others see a call light, we see a call that won't go unanswered. while others focus on healing your body with new medication, we're researching a microchip that helps your body heal itself. in every one of our 21 hospitals and 450 community and research facilities, our 122,000 eyes are looking... to not just raise our standard of health care, but raise the standard of health care. the north shore-lij health system is now northwell health.
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time to take a look at traffic. long island expressway in melville stop and go because of road construction. this is between round swamp road and commack road. the hudson river crossings, minor delays at the inbound george washington bridge. 15 minutes outbound holland tunnel. federal law enforcement officers are surrounding a nature preserve in oregon occupied by a smaller group of armed antigovernment militants. the move comes one day after an occupier was shot and killed during a traffic stop. eight others were arrested. the illegal operation began january 2nd. since then there were increasing calls for authorities to take action and arrest the occupiers. >> we monica lozada for problems with the audio on the sound bite.
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they won't leave until federal land is turned over to local firms. today is the day many honor the haul low caust. it has been 71 years since the liberation of the notorious auschwitz death camp. 6 million jews killed by the nazis during the world war ii haul low caust including millions of others, people with disabilities. president obama will speak tonight to honor four people who risked their lives to save jews from the nazis. we are getting new video this afternoon of damage left behind from a possible tornado that ripped through the south. vehicles were tossed. buildings. some were in the fort lauderdale area. one person was injured when they were driving on the florida turnpike and their vehicle was tossed off to the side of the road. there was damage to some condos and cars in the parking lot of
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>> you can see the force that system came through with. lee, it feels like mother nature is helping us out with the meltdown. >> i can't believe how much we have knocked down the piles. we will get the official snow depth. 26.8 with the storm. 17.8 yesterday. i would imagine 13, 14 left. >> melt, melt, melt. >> exactly. so, guys, you pointed out the storms that are going through florida right now. it's active. gulf of mexico across the southeast. any one of these storms we have to be on alert. will they come up the coast. will we be in reach. do we have to worry about rain or snow. that is what outside again, new york harbor, gorgeous looking sunset. 5:08 today. a pair of 4s. as we continued yesterday, the winds are gusty. the feel like readings into the evening hours are in the 30s. the winds will die off this evening as well.
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the average is 39, well above that. 45 in sunset park. 45 whitestone queens, cambria heights. north and west 34 in monticello. gives you a hint of the type of range we will have tonight. we will go to the low teens in our suburbs north and west. there are the gusty winds. they will die down. so, the windchills are in the middle 30s. not that i'm concerned about winds tonight but i want to give you an idea of the evening hours. it doesn't feel like 44 outside. i am concerned about the numbers dropping. we are mainlily clear. 36 by midnight. around or below freezing in new york city. just outside the city the numbers fall. look for sunshine early tomorrow. light one throughout the day and clouds gathering. a few clouds north and west along with a couple of flurries. a pair of cold fronts going through. as the high gets closer, winds calm and we go clear. then we look at the pair of lows. one over the upper midwest and
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mexico. here is the way they will track. one goes across florida off the carolina coast and one across eastern canada. you can see they are not linked. they are separate. that is key to us not getting any big weather system. here is the key time period. thursday into friday, the storm is way offshore. even a slight error here with some of our weather charts, a little closer, i don't think it's close enough to give us anything significant. with that said, the storm to the west is feisty. snow showers with it. worst case snow showers could brush by late thursday to the first half of friday and there could be dustings, especially north and west. after that it's about gusty winds and cooler temperatures friday. tonight not about wind. clear, calm, cold, 15 to 25 in many suburbs. watch out for the refreeze which hasn't been as widespread last night but will be tonight because of the icy temperatures. sun and clouds tomorrow. light wind around 40.
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99 peters of the night is fine. toward dawn late flurries or snow showers may sneak in. at 4:30, more on is that storm threat then the saturday map, i like how the weekend is trending. flurries more north. trending brighter. wait until you hear about the forecast high temperatures for sunday into early next week, you want to talk about melting. that is coming up next. >> all right. melt, melt, melt. >> love the forecast. >> see you in a bit. a 99-year-old woman got a frightening surprise when in the middle of the night as she slept a strange animal tried to cuddle on top of her. this is what she woke up to. this is in miami. they might look cute or not but here is the thing, they are members of the raccoon family, common to central america, not a typical kitty cat or puppy. they are growing in popularity as pets. that may be why this one was looking for someone to cuddle with it.
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the animal ran into the attic. the daughter took it out. took it to a vet. brave too. the owner was located. picked it up. >> excuse me, have you seen my peak a choo. >> look at the claws. i don't think you want to hug that. you probably know the feeling. you spent all that time digging the car out of its snowed in spot. you feel like you should claim it, right, you dug it out. the measures some people do to do that. coming up, a look at the real rules regarding saving spots after blizzard days. >> there are real rules? >> you might have sign this on your facebook feed. not that. not that. that. just trust me. there is something on your facebook feed you don't want to
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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okay here is what i teased you about. this could end up putting your security at risk. you may have seen it. b like bill names that headquarter popping up over facebook feeds. the term of privacy allowed the
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content without limit and in some cases, the content could contain viruses putting your credit card and bank account information at risk. if you created it, we have directions on how to remove it at abc7ny. it is the hollywood norm books that are turned into movies. but this is about a hollywood script writer doing the opposite making the jump from the screen to the page. he is releasing his first novel. sandy kenyon is here with the story. >> reporter: liz, if you don't know his name it's more than likely you know the many films scott frank has written. wolverine is one. hugh jackman telling me the writer made his famous character more interesting. scott had to delay his first book to direct another movie. >> i do favors for people.
4:23 pm
among the tombstones with liam neeson. nicole kidman spoke his words as the interpreter. he wrote a minority report for tom cruise in a steven spielberg film but he put his career on hold to pursue a passion, which is why we have come to the famous mysterious book shot in lower manhattan. >> i would describe shaker as somewhat of a poisonous valentine to los angeles. >> reporter: his first novel is called shacker because -- >> it takes place a week after an earthquake in los angeles. it's not necessarily the big one but big enough to be annoying. >> reporter: annoying to the hitman and gang members that populate the pages and the flawed detective that pursues them. >> kelly mcgwire is an angry police woman. she has gotten herself in trouble. she has a big mouth, violent tendencies.
4:24 pm
strong female characters. his words for jennifer lopez helped him earn an oscar nomination for out of sight. >> when you are trying to write a move very, trying to please all the people you need to please is like picking a lock with a wet noodle. when you write a book there is no one between you and the page. >> reporter: how does that feel to be holding it? >> great, nice. >> reporter: and it feels great to do that as the mysterious book shop. given all the tales of murder mayhem it's a pretty mellow place. the novel shaker is in book stores everywhere. >> it's got to be awesome feeling your novel for the first time and seeing it. >> has to be, right? >> awesome. >> thanks, sandy. coming up, medical mystery involving a boy that spent most of his life in the hospital. he is basically a bubbleboy
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>> new details on his condition and where his family is turning for help. >> driving taking desperate measures to preserve the parking spot after digging out of the snow. what are the rules. people are surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get insurance through new york state of health. we help them to find the best insurance plan that suits their needs. working with so many consumers, you begin to develop a kind of kinship or friendship, a bond and you see them on a consistent basis, so it becomes almost like a big family, it's fulfilling and it gives me, you know, hope that there is a better future enrollment ends january 31st
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symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details,
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we are following breaking news right now. there is emergency construction happening right now on the kosciuszko bridge causing major delays. shannon sohn is in newscopter 7 with the latest. shannon. are doing work. in this area here, that is the problem area. expansion joint repairs, from what we can tell. but this has been out here since before noon. only the right lane squeezes look at this volume. hour. unfortunately it does not look like it will be out of here any time soon. we will take you back as far as we can with the helicopter. this delay goes all the way
4:29 pm
parkway and not getting any better. reporting live over the b.q.e. shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, shannon. also new this half hour, a dozen dogs taken from a home in the bronx. the animals are living in filthy conditions. police were called to the home after complaints from neighbors. one person has been taken into custody. >> eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is in the mortan i can't section with the store -- morrisania section. >> reporter: james hines new police were coming for him. the 46-year-old is inside the 42 precinct facing narcotics and animal cruelty charges because of what police found inside his home this morning. deplorable conditions. 10 pit bulls chained to fences surrounding by feces and urine. they were in the backyard and others were inside. the hines lives on the ground floor of the apartment. authorities believe the 9
4:30 pm
each dog in the backyard had a makeshift house, a wooden shack with no insulation or heating. four of the dogs were left outside during the past weekend blizzard. searching the home, police found 30 bags of crack cocaine and 20 vials of heroin. one man that didn't want to go on camera was glad the aspca has 9 dogs and the owner can no longer beat the dogs and slam them around. now, another neighbor insists hines cares for the pits but things got out of control. >> he has a lot of dogs, you know. i think he has too many. when you have a lot of dogs you tend to mistreat some. but he loved the dogs. he walks them. i see him around walking the dogs. but, you know, they don't like the fact he has a lot of dogs and the way he's living but what can you say? >> reporter: the situation
4:31 pm
ground floor was also disgusting, filthy, several rooms, a kitchen, crates, more chains and a strong smell of feces and urine. hines was arrested in march. his dogs then taken by the aspca. the pits were malnourished, open wounds and scabs on their back. i asked the aspca if they were the same dogs why were they taken then given back. i am waiting back for an answer. i will have that and much more on the story at 5:00. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kem, thank you. new data out of connecticut shows racial disparity when it comes to officers using stun guns on suspects. according to preliminary data from the state officers fired stun guns at blacks and hispanics at a higher rate last year than white suspects. 21 peters of the suspects shot
4:32 pm
35% black. report comes as police face increasing scrutiny over the use of force. mta is banning hoverboards. they are pro hinted on subways, trains and buses. you will see the new advertising campaign on the mta's now famous bubble people posters. the head of the mta says the ban being put in place because of safety concerns. well, a commuter alert for drivers who use the goethals bridge linking elizabeth and staten island. they started traffic holds to replace concrete girders. for the next year traffic heading to the goethals will be stopped in both directions between 4:30 in the morning and 5 a.m. three days a week. on those days the bayonne bridge will open at 4:30 a.m. offering an alternate university of connecticut raising ticket prices for basketball and football games. the sure gauge between 1 and $5
4:33 pm
the money will fund new soccer, baseball and softball stadiums. the surcharge will not be applied to student tickets. the plan needs board approval. the museum of more than art revealing a revision to the first face of the 400 million- dollar expansion project. they announced a preliminary design two years ago. under the new plan 50,000 square feet of exhibition space will be added. the lobby will be reconfigured to solve overcrowding problems. the museum store will be moved to the basement. the 400 million-dollar project is expected to be completed by 2019 at the early yeast. we know how -- earliest. we know how difficult street parking can be. drivers that spend hours digging their cars out take desperate measures to save the spots. toni yates is in hackensack with the story. >> reporter: see this chair here. see the recycle receptacles
4:34 pm
there were mounds of snow and somebody had to dig it out to park their car. saving your spot has become once expected once accepted and most times what is respected. we spent the afternoon driving through garfield, lodi, hackensack taking a look at the don't park in my spot safers people are using -- savers people are using. we saw ironing boards, trash cans the most and not out for trash day. police and public works department know what is going on, you are not supposed to do it. >> we had a large snowstorm. a lot of people spent time shoveling the snow and making parking spaces for their cars. we don't recommend putting items out in the street such as chairs, furniture, luggage to save your spot.
4:35 pm
we expect people to be courteous to those that shoveled out the spot, use common sense. >> reporter: so, goes yes, people shovel out and protect but then you have neighbors like these guys in hackensack. they cleared their driveway but then they shoveled out the car's 35rbgd on the doshes for their neighbors. they did it up and down the street. cars. >> yeah, basically, a lot. >> we helped with driveways. >> there was five or six cars. >> that is a lot of work? >> a lot of sweating, drinking water. a lot of work. >> reporter: but you had to feel good about it. >> i felt real good about it. >> reporter: all right. go ryan. police aren't really doing a lot to remove a lot of this stuff out here, especially if it's not posing a real hazard to drivers. they just say make sure it's not out in the street. in garfield, public works wants you to know that they will move
4:36 pm
letter your time is limited. live in hackensack, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you look comfortable in that chair, i will say. >> way to go. >> thanks. well, new details this afternoon following the attack on an uber driver. the suspect, you might recall, a doctor in miami is telling her side of the story. the annoying college fight song that just won't stop playing. >> make it stop. >> make it stop. that's what the neighbors are
4:37 pm
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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c we are following breaking news. we have information we told you at the beginning of the newscast. two women shot in queens. one dead. >> shirleen allicot has new details. >> reporter: the shooting happened across from me in that apartment building. there is still a scene. you can see a police van and cruisers. this is five hours after this was first reported. it happened around 11:00 a.m. police found two women shot. a 51-year-old shot in the hand found in the lobby of the building. a 36-year-old was found inside an apartment.
4:39 pm
she was pronounced dead at the scene. the 51-year-old is in stable condition at st. johns university hospital. the shooter is a 29-year-old man. he shot the woman, his girlfriend. the 51-year-old was neighbor that tried to confront him with her son. she was shot. no word on why all the violence and no one is being identified just yet. but we do know police know who they are looking for and that manhunt continues for an armed gunman. in far rockaway, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a doctor from florida was caught on camera attacking an uber driver. she is apologizing for her bad behavior. she jumped into an uber car in downtown miami but the car wasn't for her. the customer that ordered the car recorded the attack that followed. the doctor says she was drinking that night.
4:40 pm
she had just broken up with her boyfriend. >> i am ashamed. i am so sorry. i hurt so many people with this, my family, my friends, my job, the uber driver. no one deserves to be treated that way. >> she has been placed on administrative leave from her position as a medical resident. she said she apologized to the driver but her uber account is suspended. >> it's being shown over and over again. we are halfway to the weekend. it's saturday trending brighter. the exclusive forecast is next. >> a testing decision that ignited a firestorm of controversy. we will tell you about the actor hired to play michael jackson. >> plus, what was captured on
4:41 pm
the bizarre and annoying mystery is driving residents in western new york crazy. there is a recording of a college fight song being played over and over and over and no one knows why and no one can get it to stop. people in niagara falls have been bombarded by the playering tune eight hours a day. every night for the last six months the iowa fight song bellowed from the speakers of a vacant building.
4:42 pm
never get rid of the noisy news as soon as. >> never -- nuisance. >> never violated the law between 3:00 and 11:00 and not so loud as -- what violates the decibel ordinance. >> police have responded several times but they have not been able to get a hold of the owner of the building or reach whoever is behind that music. >> so for all you iowa fans, fight, fight, fight for iowa, let every loyal iowan sing. >> shut up, dave. >> meanwhile, it's happening in niagara falls. >> a little annoying. >> sounds crazy. weather quiz time. you heard me talking about the snow depth. i know you are wondering. whoever is closest gets an accuweather umbrella. how much snow is left in central park on the ground. >> 17 inches. >> 9 1/2.
4:43 pm
i will give you 30 seconds to tweet it in. take your guess. >> back to you. outside we go. this is the answer. liz cho, what are you doing? 9 inches left in central park. how about that. >> do i get the umbrella. >> you get the umbrella. >> 17 yesterday. what are you doing. >> go back to that fight for iowa song. >> you will need your college cheer career because the weather career is not working. beautiful sunset over new york harbor. that's why the snow deputy has gone so far down. 43 degrees, northwest wind, gusty breeze making it feel like the 30s. we drop into the 30s after 8:00, 9:00 tonight. and then we, as the winds go calm and skies are clear, the numbers drop like a rock. a pair of 3s at 8:00 in the morning in new york city. that is not representative of most of the area. we will be in the 20s and some upper teens. partial sunshine midday.
4:44 pm
high clouds filtering out and the sun dries during the daylight hours. 40 with a light wind shouldn't feel bad. a come of clouds filling in. high pressure is filling in. it's calm. these are the two storms we are watching and wondering will they interact and we have a coastal storm? still the message from the weather charts, looking at the way the jet stream is positioned, it wants to push the storm offshore, make this the dominant system for us and snow showers swing across the area predawn thursday into midday friday. you will see that on the futurecast. look how cold it is tomorrow morning. 31 in the park. 20 morristown. 17 trenton. there will be teens in here because of the fresh snow pack. we go through the day, clouds increase around 40. then late tomorrow night we are watching the system from the north and there could be a couple of snow showers. the worst case is there are a few squalls north of the city
4:45 pm
get slick in a hurry. be careful. that wanes. gusty winds in the afternoon. tomorrow clouds increase, 40. i want to point out something on friday. it's the wind. see the rids and yellows, 30, 35 miles per hour gusts. be aware it could get gusty friday feeling like 20s. by the time we get to saturday a flurry north. increasing clouds sunday, 48. low 50s early next week. so, with all the 50s coming up, dave, probably 20 additional inches in the park, right. >> i get an umbrella, i get an umbrella. >> nice job. okay. >> i will have my day. let's go to the trend. on this wednesday, with all the controversy surrounding oscars being too white, the timing of a network casting a white actor to play michael jackson probably couldn't be any worse. according to the guard january,
4:46 pm
of pop for a british channel. it is supposedly a true story. reaction to the casting is mixed. orlando jones tweeted i am totally on board if and only if angela bassett is cast as elizabeth taylor. i get the comedy. kanye west having trouble on what to call the 7th album. he changed it three times now calling it waves. he tweeted it's the best apparently bum of all time. he will debut it at managed di son square garden on the 11th. young soccer fan is trending after a picture of the boy in a self made jersey. the boy's dad couldn't afford a real soccer shirt. he converted this plastic bag into one with messi's number. after tracking the boy down he wants to get the boy something special to show his appreciation. >> nice. >> he has his favorite guy.
4:47 pm
look at this, a long island dad hoping for a boy after four daughters. had a funny reaction learning his wife was pregnant with a boy. >> [screaming]. >> do you think he's happy? do you think he's happy anybody? >> the wife wanted to surprise him with a cake. her husband, i think, is recovering. this is coming up on "eyewitness news at 5:00." i love the story. >> i love this, too. parents that want to catch the chill put her to bed without saying her prayers.
4:48 pm
baby camera. >> mommy. >> oh. >> i love that she got santa claus in there. >> god bless mommy and santa claus and my blanky. >> so cute. >> beyond cute. >> as always check out the trend online at abc7ny. send us your trend ideas using the #. >> put the kids to get early when you want to do something else. >> a warning for that. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news first at 4:00," a medical mystery. doctors are stumped. the condition that has left a toddler in the hospital for most of his life. where his family is turning to for help. we will tell you. a quick check on the delays at the hudson river crossings. 15 minutes inbound lincoln tunnel.
4:49 pm
holland tunnel and no delays sometimes, we all need a little help. today, you helped her plant a garden, and you want to be there to help her with all her tomorrows. if you're trying to quit smoking, you may need a little help. medications to help you stop smoking... including nicotine patches, gum and other medicines, are available to medicaid members. call your doctor today to get the help you need to quit smoking... so you can always be there
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a toddler is at the center of a frustrating medical mystery. he spent a lot of time in his hospital room, just leaving the room would cause a problem. >> lauren glassberg has their story. >> in many ways degan is a typical toddler, constantly exploring his surroundings but his world is small. >> he's basically a bubble boy allergic to life. >> reporter: the children's hospital has been degan's home for 15 months. simply leaving his room requires a life saving quit. -- kit. >> life
4:51 pm
>> reporter: it's his unknown spontaneous reactions such as losing consciousness and even going in to shock that's perplexing doctors. >> he's had seven epipens in a 24-hour span. degan will not survive without a diagnosis. >> reporter: experts across canada say there's nothing more they can do. >> it's not allergic. it's another type of reaction which we've never been able to pin pointed. >> show me your tummy. >> reporter: doctors have been treating him for a rare mass cell disease. it's helped a bit but nothing has been confirmed. the next logical step calling on the national institute of health in the united states for help. >> they are specialized in the weird and wonderful things. they are there to discover new diseases. >> reporter: the family hopes to hear from the institute this week along with information on who will pay for his treatment. a gofundme is helping with his existing bills. support is even more critical as degan's father
4:52 pm
>> pray to god something comes out of this and we can live a normal life. >> wishing the family the best. there is still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> i imagine that was my son. >> a good samaritan talks about jumping in and saving a 6-year-old who was being mauled by a crazed raccoon. >> all the places i've lived, all the places i've lived, i've never seen anything like that. >> good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. we turn to breaking fuse right now in queens where two women have been shot, one of them killed. the gunman is on the run. >> police say the woman who was killed in far rockaway was the gunman's girlfriend. moments ago police released this picture
4:53 pm
shirleen allicot is on the scene with the latest. >> the apartment building is right behind me. there's still very much a scene more than five hours after this was reported. police have identified the suspect as 29-year-old tyquan long. police wanted to get this photo out there immediately because they say he has made threats to others so this is a dangerous man. let's take a look at the scene from up high. newscopter7 is over us right now and around 11 a.m. police came here and found two women shot, a 51-year-old shot in the hand and was found in the lobby of the building. a 36-year-old was found inside an apartment. she had a gunshot wound to her torso. she was pronounced dead at the scene. we've learned she was the girlfriend of long. the 51-year-old is in stable condition at st. john's university hospital. we've learned the 51-year-old was a neighbor who tried to confront him along with her son and that's when she was shot in the hand. no word yet on why all the violence just yet but we do
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